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CellWorks Healthcare West Auckland

Auckland’s High Performance Chiropractor.

Cellworks are Auckland’s chiropractic clinic specialising in non-surgical back and neck pain. By focusing on the relationship between your spine and nervous system, and the many varied problems that may result from their dysfunction, we can treat your back and neck problems and restore you to good health. Whether you are a high performance athlete, or want your nervous system to function like one, we can get you there.

Specialising in Prevention and Performance Medicine

Cellworks applies cutting edge science to the art of aging well and enhancing performance. Dr Craig Walsham (Chiropractor) is a certified member of the international association of Prevention, Performance and Longevity, having completed post graduate qualifications in Prevention, Performance and Longevity medicine.

Working with patients who want external results with internal dividends, our services include blood and hormone, neurotransmitter analysis as well as active coaching to facilitate and medically manage people to better health outcomes. We are also a certified Fitgenes Practitioner

Genetic Testing

 Do you need a chiropractor?

  • Do you suffer from back pain? Neck pain? Body aches or joint pain? Arthritis?
  • Have you had a sport’s injury that you haven’t recovered from fully?
  • Are you experiencing dizziness, fatigue, digestive problems, allergies or headaches?
  • Is your condition affecting your ability to lead a healthy, normal life?
  • Are you worried about your child’s health, function and learning abilities?

Do you need a Prevention and Performance programme?

  • Do you want to know the real state of your health?
  • Do you want to retire healthy?
  • Do you want to add life to your years?

Chances are Cellworks, can help. Visit our West Auckland clinic, situated in the heart of West Auckland, and discover how you can experience relief from pain, heal faster from injury, uncover your genetic tendencies, and achieve and maintain good health.

Phone (09) 818 6565 today, to make an appointment.

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